“Sokratisches Philosophieren” Bd. 9: Socratic Dialogue and Ethics

Ed. Jens Peter Brune und Dieter Krohn. Münster – Hamburg – London: Lit 2005. 208 S., 19.90 EUR, br., ISBN 3-8258-6309-3


This volume presents the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Socratic Dialogue held in Loccum, Germany, in 2000, convened by the Philosophical-Political Academy (PPA, Germany), the Society of Socratic Facilitators (GSP, Germany), the Society for the Furtherance of Critical Philosophy (SFCP, UK) and the Dutch Network of Socratic Facilitators.
The proceedings focus on what Socratic Dialogue can contribute to ethical questions in different social fields. They range from philosophizing with children to management consultancy and refer to projects and experiences with Socratic Dialogue in different countries demonstrating how to conduct ethical discourse on a global level.

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